Surya Namaskar (Salutations to the Sun) is devoted to the worship of the Solar deity, the provider of energy and intellect. It has been practiced in Bharat for thousands of years. The complete set of “asanas” combined with proper deep and rhythmic breathing can provide significant physical and mental benefits. They can be practised any time of the time, however, mornings on an empty sotmach are preferred. When practiced in the morning, Surya Namaskar relieves stiffness, energizes the body and refreshes the mind. It is a form of exercise for all fitness levels. It is a spiritually uplifting exercise and promotes a keen awareness of the interconnectedness of your body, mind and breath.


ध्येय सदा सवितृ मण्डलमध्यवर्ति, नारायण सरसिज़ासनसन्निविष्ट । 

केयूरवान मकर कुण्डलवानकिरीटी, हारी हिरण्मय वपूर्धृत शंख चक्र ॥
Dhyehah Sada Savitra Mandalamadhyavarti, Narayan Sarijasanasannivishtah |
Keyurvan Makarakundalavankirti, Haari Hiranyamaya Vapurdhruta Shankha Chakrah ||
One should meditate on the form of Lord Narayana situated in the sun globe.
He is seated on a lotus, with golden bracelets, crown, shark earrings, he is golden in complexion
and holds the shankha and chakra in his hands.


“Your participation in this event requires the performance of yoga postures and may expose you to the risk of bodily injury.
If you have any history of injury or illness that may be aggravated by your participation, you should consult with a physician or other health care professional beforehand.”


आदित्यस्य नमस्कारान् ये कुर्वन्ति दिने।
आयुः प्रज्ञा बलं वीर्यं तेजस्तेषां च जायते।।
Adityasya Namaskaran Ye Kurvanti Dine Dine|
Ayuh Prajnya Balam Viryam Tejasteshan Cha Jayate||
Those who regularly perform Surya Namaskaras attain healthy long life.
They become strong, knowledgeable and have courage to fight with valour,
They possess brightened personality.

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