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Welcome to HSS Sewa, Norway



SSV Dates: Saturday 30th July 2022 to Sunday 7th August 2022

(If you plan to arrive on the 29th or earlier you will need to inform the karayalaya [admin office] team ASAP by emailing on: ssv@hssnorway.org)

All Volunteers are expected to arrive on the 29th for a debrief starting at 1900 CET. The exact venue will be confirmed closer to the time. Accommodation will be arranged for the extra nights stay. 

Arrival time for participants: Saturday 30th July by 1400 CET. 

Address of the SSV: Storsjøvegen 407, 2110 Slåstad, Norway

Transport & Collection: Please Fill in the form provided in link: https://forms.gle/ejnHCbprFbKfaVKMA

Fill in the form, which will inform us of your travel arrangements, and we will give you collection points to reach where people will be waiting for you at the times required. This form MUST be filled in. 

First Aid: There will be a medical doctor on-site at all times. Please ensure that you have told us all medical conditions that we should be aware of. All such information will be treated as STRICTLY PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL. Only our in-house doctor and Varg Karyawaha shall ever be informed should anything arise. 

If you did not tell us about your medical conditions in the registration form, please mail us ASAP: ssv@hssnorway.org

Contact Details

Varg Karyawaha: Anil Sharma 

Varg Karyalaya Pramukh: Ashwan Autar 

First Aid: Dr Akshaya Ranganjam 

Telephone number: xxx

Email address: ssv@hssnorway.org

  1. Check-in starts at 15:00.
  2. For terms and conditions please check: https://hssnorway.org/terms
  3. For itinerary details please submit this form: https://hssnorway.org/ssv/itinerary
  4. For Travel Planner check : https://hssnorway.org/ssv/travelplanner
  5. Consumption of intoxicating substances such as tobacco, alcohol, etc is strictly prohibited in and around the venue.
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