Welcome to HSS Sewa, Norway

Together we will fight and win this war against the invisible enemy.

“Sewa Paramo Dharmah” (Voluntary Service is our duty) is what we learned from HSS. Here in Norway, HSS started a campaign to collect donations such that we can send Oxygen Concentrators to those suffering for medical Oxygen.


But I thought that we might also send other medical supplies required for treating Covid infections. We started looking for medical suppliers in Norway. A friend from Bergen gave a reference to a Supplier JACOMEDIC.


Found their contact online and called their Product Manager Morten. In the first conversation he quickly agreed to check within his organization if they can donate.


Within next couple of hours, we got a list of equipment and their quantity and were asked for a address to be sent to. That was so quick In the conversation with him, we understood that Norwegian people are also concerned for the people of India. He was actually thinking on how they can send supplies to needy in India when we made our first call. And they found the right way through us – HSS Norway and Sewa Europe. We received a pallet of Oxygen Masks, filters, Tubes and connectors and the approximate cost in Norwegian market is close to 50000 NOK. That was really a great donation and we hope it will help people to get treatment related to Covid Infection. We also learnt that the Morten’s wife is a Nurse and the day we received equipment, she got Covid Positive while treating the Covid patients. These Medical Professionals are the Front-line warriors and are helping us 24×7 to stay healthy by sacrificing their time and even health. We salute them and all other front-line warriors.

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