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SEWA Team HSS Norway during Global Pandemic

Trust all are at the best of your health.

As we all know our motherland India is facing one of the worst crisis of last few decades with second wave of COVID-19. Lakhs of people are suffering from the pandemic directly or indirectly and many more re getting added on daily basis.


In the time of such crisis every individual and organization (public or private) within India and globally are trying to help in their best of the capacity. Contribution & support are flowing from all over the world in terms of fund, medical equipment, help desk and others.


We at HSS Norway has always been frontrunner in various SEWA activities and are deeply involved during this crisis situation to support our brothers & sisters back home. The SEWA team at HSS Norway in association with SEWA International & SEWA Bharat are working round the clock on multiple fronts.


One of the most crucial requirement right now is to make Oxygen Concentrators available across India at the best possible speed. Realizing the need & importance of this, the SEWA team HSS Norway has procured 36 concentrators and shipped those in Delhi on 4th May.


These concentrators were procured from a local supplier Meditek at a cost of NOK 8,000 per concentrator and was shipped free of cost by DB Shanke to Delhi. They will reach at Delhi collection centre on 8th May and will be Distributed via 21 Nodal centres in 16 states. We have around 800 volunteers in Bharat involved in Concentrator deployment on the field. We would be deploying these concentrators across budget hospitals, COVID care centres, NGO centres, and some government facilities.


SEWA Norway team has around 40 active karyakartas (volunteers) across all major cities of Norway (Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim etc) contributing devoted towards this cause to accomplish various aspects from procuring, fund raising, reaching out to right people in India and others as well.


Additionally, we also have a team of 200+ volunteers in India right now for Digital Help Desk – to ensure required help reach on time to the people in need.


We always welcome more support from like-minded people in order to take on more such SEWA tasks. So whomsoever can, please do join us & support for the good cause (details in the below picture).


Take care & stay safe.


This is Oxygen Concentrators sendt to India from Norway

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