How to reach Shibir 2019 locations ?
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How to reach Shibir 2019 locations ?

How to reach Shibir 2019 locations ?


Gardermoen- Oslo airport (OSL) to Asker station


LocationMode of transportCostDuration
Gardermoen -Oslo Airport (OSL) to Asker stationTrain (R11 Larvik , L12 Kongsberg , R10 Drammen) to Asker station123 nok – 1 adult62 NOK – child above 6 year46 min.


Gardermoen to Slemmestad (Shibir sthan ) :-  Train and bus

You have to take the train from OSL to Lysaker station and go to lysaker bus stop which is just outside the train station. From Slemmestad station, shibir sthan is just 6 min away.

Please note: you need to buy separate ticket for train and bus.


LocationMode of transportCostDuration
Gardermoen -Oslo Airport (OSL) to Lysaker stationThen Lysaker bus station to SlemmestadTrain (R11Larvik , L12 Kongsberg , R10 Drammen) to Lysaker station.Lysaker bus station  Bus no 250 Slemmestad (last stop)123 NOK – 1 adult62 NOK – child

For bus:

99 NOK – 1 adult

50 NOK – 1 child

1 hr. 20 min.

Torp Airport  to Asker station (Pick up point):-


The train stops at Torp station. Passengers arriving by railway are then transported by shuttle bus to the airport (approx. 4 minutes). The bus service runs in connection with the train and is included in the price.


LocationMode of transportCostDuration
Torp train station to Asker stationTrain R11 towards Eidsvoll231 NOK – 1 adultChildren free1 hr. 7 min
Torp bus station to Asker stationTorp ekspressen bus to Asker station199 NOK – 1 adult99 NOK – 1 child1 hr. 10 min.

Please check live time table at

There is a direct buss to Slemmestad from Asker, Oslo and other places

  • Asker to Slemmestad : Bus
  • Lysaker to Slemmestad : Bus
  • Oslo Bussterminal to Slemmestad : Bus