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European Family Shibir 2018

Namaste Bandhu/Bhagini …..

With a great pleasure we are delighted to inform that European family Shibir (Shibir is a retreat camp) is to be held in Oslo, Norway. The ideal program during the Shibir includes games, yoga, group discussions on various cultural and historical aspects and fun with light entertainments. At the Shibir we will also have a unique opportunity to come together and learn sangathan skills to promote the basic Hindu values, in our Hindu samaj across the Europe.

We feel great pleasure in inviting you with your family and friends to be valuable part of the European family Shibir 2018. As the venue capacity is limited, we will have to follow first come first serve policy. So, now is the right time for you to start planning the travel arrangements.

All delegates have to reach the venue on Thursday 9 August 2018 at 16.00.
Shibir will conclude on Sunday 12 August at 14.00 followed by lunch. You can make arrangements accordingly.

Shibir is organised in a very spacious school premise. We will all experience long warm summer days in beautiful surrounding of the school.

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