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Divine qualities of Lord Hanuman

Author : Snehal Ladhe



This document has been prepared “Bouddhik” in e-Shakha in Oslo on 9 April 2020. The topic is “Divine qualities of Lord Hanuman”


  • Valmiki Ramayan
  • Lectures on Lord Hanuman by Swami Govind Dev Giriij
  • Ram Charit Manas
  • Bhagvad Geeta



Characteristic of Lord Hanuman:



Sakal Guna Needhanam (Goswami Tulasidas)

Shauryam, dakshyam, balam, dhairyam, pradnya, – Valmiki Ramayan 

Lord Hanuman is Vanar – not bandar. 

It is a species which is a combination of human and monkeys.

Best disciple

When lord hanuman approached Sun god to accept his disciple – Sun god was happy. But he said I am very busy. Next I need to be running constantly. So if you want to be my disciple you need to constantly run with my speed. Lord H agreed immediately. But lord S said but you need to be facing me and not run with me. Lord H said no problem – I will run backward with the same speed as yours.  

Best orator: (Ingitadnya) 

Lord R says to L that I have seen so many intelligent and wise people in my life. However, I have not come across such an intelligent and wise person in my life till now. 

Only one who has studied all 4 Vedas thoroughly can communicate like this. His body movement is perfect and in line with his speech. There is not a single word which has pronounced incorrectly. There is not a single word which has pronounced from wrong place such as “kanth”, “nabhi”. 

He has studied all the 9 branches of grammar. (A-vistaram) and ( A-sandigdham).  He used to describe matter not elaborately not was he speaking in a very short. (A-vyatham) – he was speaking with ease. (Sanskar), Kram(sequence), Madhurya

  • Vistaram
  • sandigdham
  • Kram
  • Madhurya
  • Vyatham


Even if some enemy comes to fight with Hanuman 

Sugreev is gr8 that Hanuman is his minister. How nice it would be that I will get H. 

Very attentive: (Daakshyam ek padam – always attentive)

When Lord R and Sugreev decided to help each other and befriends with each other H said – please wait….

H brought some woods, flowers and burned the fire. Made both Ram n Sugreev to recite mantras. 

In Hindu tradition marriage is a Sanskar and in other tradition it is not a contract. Any family /culture progresses only if there is stability in family. 

H knew that lord R would never his promise but he knew that his client (Sugreev) is bit loose. H knew that S might commit some mistake some time or other. 

Committed to the task for his master (Always attentive)

Protecting the Sugriva. 

Once Sugreev became king – he was absorbed in enjoyment. He didn’t bother to meet Ram– even once. Sensing the imminent danger Hanuman entered in the palace and got certain order signed from Sugreev to invite all the vanaras to Kishkindha within a fortnight. 


When angry L entered Kishkindha, all the gatekeepers were running here n there. H heard this news and he didn’t let Sugriva face L. H knew that Laxman can go to any extent to please and protect the interest of Lord R. 

H asked Tara to face the Laxman because she was a woman. 

Hanumanji used Tara as a buffer


He asked lord Ram for some symbol by which he could prove that he is the messenger of lord Ram. 

Hanuman never repeated the same strategy while dealing with enemies. The same was followed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj later on. 

Dedication – Not falling prey to the temptation:  Mainak parvat – 

Let’s keeps in mind that this is not come to create obstacles in the path of lord Hanuman. 

There was in instance exactly identical to this situation in Mahabharata. Lord Hanuman touched Mainak, offered dandawats . But said “Excuse me… “

The best of the practicing devotee should always remember this. He would get name, fame, wealth, power but he should not get carried away by this…

Surasa – (mother of serpents): Wise and intelligent: 

He expanded himself – this is bravery and made himself suddenly very small. This is the extreme consciousness. This represents very attentiveness.

Simhika – demoness:

She used to control any person who used to fly over the sea. This is the tendency of those who are envious. A practicing devotee should be always attentive. It is said that the wife of Ceaser should be above suspicion. Those who want to server in public must not give any opportunity to others for suspicion.


H was waiting for night to come. He took very small form as small as mosquito.

 Security officer of Lanka saw H.  

Entering the Lanka (Buddhimatam Varishtham):

H reaches the island of Lanka during day time. After reaching there he observes the security of Lanka and concludes as follows. 

  • The security in Lanka is very tight. There is no scope for me to enter in Lanka during day time
  • I cannot enter the Lanka with my present size. So I will shrink in size. 
  • I will have to change my form to enter Lanka 
  • Logic and Presence of mind:

Mandodari was very beautiful and she had an aura of a chaste woman on her face. H for a moment thought that she is mother S. But the next moment thought that my lord R is missing mother S – she cannot be so cool sleeping next to Ravana. She would prefer to give up her life than accepting R  

Thoughtful Hanuman:

Hanuman thinks that I must speak to Bhagwati Janaki – because she is very disappointed. I must assure her that Lord Ram is coming with a very powerful and big army and would rescue you. She is in trouble. So I must give her a hope How does H present himself to Bhagwati Seeta?

Thought process of Hanuman

  • B Seeta who is searched in all directions is here. 
  • I must console B S – because she is so much distressed that she may give up her life in distress and seeing that there is no hope for her rescue.
  • If I speak to B Seeta as a Brahmin- she might think this as a plan of Ravana
  • Looking at my figure and language – some suitable words must be spoken to win her confidence, to console her and to assure her about her rescue
  • What if she shouts loudly – the other female demonesses may become aware 
  • If they become aware – I might be captured without conveying the message or Lord Ram and without assuring her about her rescue.
  • It might also happen that the demons may kill B. Seeta. 
  • If I didn’t speak – death of B. Seeta might die in despair 


Lord glorifies H that I am so much indeb to you that I cannot look you in your eyes. Not only me – but entire Raghu dynasty is indebted to you. 

Surasa tested, Simhika tested, 

Ahamkaram balm darpam 

All greedy, kami can be elevated and have been executed. But egoist cannot be executed. This is the toughest of exam. 

The examiner is very intelligent –but here the student is also very intelligent.

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